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Romney VP short-list pick bashes 'gift' remark

Just months ago, New Hampshire Sen.

Just months ago, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte was on the speculated short-list of vice presidential picks to join Mitt Romney's GOP ticket, but on Thursday she joined the growing list of prominent Republicans who are turning their backs to the former leader of their party.

This week, Romney fell from grace when he told donors that President Barack Obama gave certain members of his base “financial gifts from the government” to persuade them to get out and vote. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who looks to have his eye on a 2016 presidential run, yesterday called Romney's remarks "absolutely wrong."

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Ayotte about Romney’s comments and the New Hampshire senator quickly made her disparity known. Although she reiterated that she didn’t know the full context of the comments, she didn’t agree with them either.

“I think the campaign is over and what the voters are for us to do is to expect their votes and go forward,” she said. “We’ve got some big challenges that need to be resolved."

Ayotte kept emphasizing that the campaign is over.

“The voters have spoken and they want us to work together to solve our problems,” Ayotte said.