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Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton continue on 2016 campaign trail

Two 2016 hopefuls have their sights set on New Hampshire.

Two 2016 hopefuls are making the most out of their time in New Hampshire. Both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush have been holding campaign events in the Granite State, revitalizing their campaigns in the early primary state. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Just ‘Jeb!’: Just a day after his big announcement, Jeb Bush is “self-identifying himself, not with his dad or his brother, but with his time as the governor of the State of Florida,” according to Michael Steele, former RNC chairman. “Let’s see how he presents his vision for American, based on his experiences as a governor.”

'Clinton Cash’: Questions about the Clintons' personal wealth continue to follow Hillary Clinton's campaign. But even with the scrutiny, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said on msnbc Tuesday that “there’s no correlation between your personal wealth and what you do in terms of policy.” He added that Clinton's wealth makes her no different than JFK or FDR, both of whom helped the poor, despite coming from well-off families.

A 'shiny new object'?: Donald Trump became the 12th Republican hopeful to join the campaign trail. But while some online immediately criticized Trump’s campaign as a publicity stunt, Steele acknowledged that Trump “has a message that kind of resonates with some folks in the party, and even outside the party.” Rendell added that Trump has a chance to pick up support “if he conducts himself well” in the upcoming debates, though “it’s probably just for ratings anyway."