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    Sec. Raimondo: Chinese-made smart cars may be ‘collecting data every minute’ on ‘millions’ in US

  • Sen. Murphy: Biden admin ‘has to throw everything they have’ behind pausing ‘hostilities’ in Gaza

  • Rep. Castro: ‘Rebuilding’ foreign economies is among ‘longer term solutions’ to border crisis

  • Buck on McConnell: There is a ‘new breed’ of Senators, who will look for a ‘Trump-like leader’

  • Who could replace McConnell after he plans to step down in November?

  • Sen. Bennet: Putin ‘winning’ the ‘battle here of divided and dysfunctional politics in America’

  • AL women tell Alcindor they’ll ‘never forget’ that the ‘government told them they couldn’t have IVF’

  • Clarke: Israelis ‘did themselves no favors’ setting ‘the bar so high’ for ‘destruction of Hamas’

  • Chief Security Officer: People must ‘validate the sources of their information’ during 2024 election

  • Dr. Patel: Measles vaccine is ‘highly effective,’ people should not ‘wait’ until showing symptoms

  • Alon Pinkas: An Israeli raid of Rafah ‘will almost invariably cause thousands’ of Palestinian deaths

  • Zelensky, Ukrainian soldiers are not ‘demoralized or discouraged’ despite impasse on more U.S. aid

  • Daniels: AI deepfakes mean ‘interfering in elections’ can happen ‘right here in our own backyard’

  • McFaul: ‘Every day that Putin’s army is parked illegally in Ukraine, there should be new sanctions’

  • Vance: New AL embryo ruling creating ‘uncertainty,’ ‘really a chill on what women can access’

  • Parker: Fertility issue is not partisan, ‘it doesn't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican’

  • Novikov: Russian advances in Ukraine are ‘a direct reflection’ of U.S. inaction

  • Pinkas: Ceasefire in Gaza without ‘toppling Hamas’ would leave Netanyahu with ‘nothing to show for’

  • UNHCR Rep on Ukrainian refugees returning home: “The main obstacle to return is safety and security”

  • Engel: Detention of Russian-American seems politically motivated,’ ‘a move by Russia to show power’


Yamiche Alcindor: ‘At the heart’ of speaker deadlock, Never Kevins ‘just don’t trust Kevin McCarthy’


Kevin McCarthy appears to have lost the speaker vote for the seventh time. NBC News Senior Capitol Hill Correspondent Garrett Haake, NBC News Washington Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, MSNBC National Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki, former Congressman David Jolly, and NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Kristen Welker join Andrea Mitchell to discuss what it would take to get McCarthy the votes he needs to secure the speakership, and why this is looking less and less likely. “My reporting suggests that people just don't trust Kevin McCarthy, for the people who are staunch opponents of his, and that's going to be a really, really hard thing for Kevin McCarthy to deal with,” Alcindor explains. “The fact that he's making concessions that he's continuing to say ‘I’ll give you more and more’ and that's not working, it doesn't bode well for him.” Jolly agrees that for the “Never Kevins” it’s “not just about the rules,” but about trust. “I think he ultimately is going to have to withdraw. It's just a question of timing.”