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    Siddiqui: Haley campaign can’t ‘point to a state’ they can win, time is not on Haley’s side

  • Ukrainian documentarian: Ukraine is ‘a humanitarian catastrophe,’ but ‘a bargaining chip for some’

  • Amb. Markarova: U.S. has to ‘be bold,’ ‘sanction all Russian banks,’ to stop Russian ‘war crimes’

  • German Foreign Minister: ‘Is it not our obligation to provide this humanitarian assistance’ in Gaza?

  • VP Harris: ‘This is a moment where America has the ability to actually demonstrate through action’

  • McFaul: It’s ‘hard’ for Navalnaya to fight Putin but Congress has ‘something right in front of them’

  • Trump's hush money trial in New York to begin March 25

  • Chuck Rosenberg: Willis should ‘consider removing herself’ from Georgia election interference case

  • Alon Pinkas: ‘Call it what you want,’ a Gaza ceasefire deal ‘would end the war the way we know it’

  • Sen. Kaine: Turner's warning of a threat is ‘cryptic,’ ‘he hasn’t indicated what he’s referring to’

  • Lemire: ‘Real concerns’ about ‘what the US really stands for’ if congress fails to pass foreign aid

  • Gonzalez: ‘Last time, Trump did not behave as an ally’ to Europe. Now, ‘we need to be prepared’

  • Molly Hunter: ‘In Rafah, no one believes’ Netanyahu will wait to launch ground incursion

  • Harvard Law scholar: There is no ‘good reason for’ the Supreme Court to review Trump’s immunity case

  • Sen. Klobuchar: ‘We wouldn't be’ working on aid deal ‘night after night’ if there wasn’t a ‘path’

  • David Ignatius: ‘We're heading toward a showdown between Biden and Netanyahu’ over hostage deal

  • Greenhouse: ‘Colorado just hadn’t met’ the ‘burden of proof’ to sway SCOTUS to bar Trump from ballot

  • Nirenberg: Failed congressional border deal is ‘a political crisis,’ ‘worse than doing nothing’

  • Leon Panetta: By not passing aid to allies, U.S. is ‘sending a message of weakness to the world’

  • Brendan Buck: Haley’s campaign ‘feels hopeless’ and like it’s ‘waiting for Donald Trump to implode’


Sen. Murphy: ‘Donald Trump wants those scenes of chaos’ the bipartisan border deal would prevent


The Senate released the text for a bipartisan deal that includes funding for the southern border, Ukraine, Israel, and Palestinians in Gaza. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has called the deal “dead on arrival” in the lower chamber. Andrea Mitchell is joined by Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), one of the architects of the bipartisan deal, to discuss. “We have a breakthrough landmark bipartisan compromise that will help the President better manage the border, that will help fix a very broken asylum system. But it will also likely mean that there are fewer scenes of chaos this summer and fall on the border, and Donald Trump wants those scenes of chaos,” Murphy says. “He wants there to be disorder at the border because he thinks that helps him politically. That’s the choice Republicans are going to have to make.”