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    John Brennan: Hamas attack plan ‘should have been driving Israel's intelligence collection effort’

  • Pete Williams: Sandra Day O’Connor was the ‘glue that held everybody together’ on Supreme Court

  • Rep. Lawler: George Santos ‘was unfit to serve’ and the ‘damning’ ethics report led to expulsion

  • Maya Roman recounts reuniting with cousin Yarden after her release: It was ‘a moment of total joy’

  • Haass: History will remember Henry Kissinger ‘as the greatest scholar practitioner of the age’

  • Sen. Bennet: ‘For the sake of democracy’ U.S. congress ‘cannot fail when it comes to Ukraine’

  • Fmr. Amb. Mark Regev: Truce extension ‘up in the air,’ Israel awaits release of ‘another 8 hostages’

  • Sen. Durbin: Gaza hospitals should be ‘protected’ from the conflict and run by a neutral party

  • Greenblatt: ‘Our pluralism has always been our strength,’ and we can’t let ‘extremists’ divide us

  • Marc Polymeropoulos: Regardless of who holds remaining hostages, ‘Hamas is responsible for this’

  • Engel: American children in Israel ‘hid in a closet’ ‘in panic for 14 hours’ during Hamas attack

  • Sen. Warner: Israel must ‘release some of the funds’ for Palestinian Authority to avoid ‘chaos’

  • Uncle of Palestinian shot in VT: ‘I feel a sense of shame’ believing U.S. ‘would be safer for him’

  • Martin Fletcher: Hostage families are ‘bouncing back and forth between joy and sorrow’

  • ICRC spox: Red Cross is in ‘direct contact’ with ‘anyone who we think might be holding hostages’

  • Regev: Once ‘original’ hostage deal concludes, Israel might ‘talk more publicly about’ extending

  • Uncle of Burlington victim says Palestinian student fled violence in the West Bank

  • ICRC media chief: release brings ‘relief for those hostages, relief for their families’

  • Regev: 'ball is in Hamas’s court,' 'humanitarian pause' can 'extend' with 'the release of hostages'

  • Mark Regev: Hamas ‘has committed itself’ to hostage deal, violating it would be ‘a major problem’


Reps. McCaul & Meeks: Learning a hostage deal is ‘very close’ was ‘the most encouraging news’


Reps. Michael McCaul (R-TX) and Gregory Meeks (D-NY), the chair and ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, join Andrea Mitchell following their bipartisan trip to Israel to discuss what they learned about the situation on the ground and their hopes for additional funding for Israel and Ukraine. “To find out that they're actually very close to a potential deal, particularly with women and children, to be able to get them out of Gaza, and it would entail a potential short ceasefire, but I think that was the most encouraging news we had,” McCaul says. On whether a supplemental aid bill for Israel and Ukraine will be passed after holidays, Meeks says, “I definitely hope so. I know that we're very locked and ready to go. We think we should have the funding for Israel, funding for Ukraine, funding for humanitarian purposes. And I think we also need funding for Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific.” McCaul adds, “We're in agreement. We think all these threats are linked together.”