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    Fmr. CIA Dir.: Iran won’t respond in an ‘escalatory way’ since IDF capabilities are ‘far superior’

  • ‘A tale of two aerial barrages’: Fmr. CIA and DOD Chief of Staff on Iran and Israeli strikes

  • Lt. Col. Vindman: The Ukrainian mobilization law and U.S. aid would ‘be a big boost of morale’

  • Rep. Turner: ‘The bully caucus believes’ they can ‘threaten the Speaker and that needs to stop’

  • Ukrainian PM: ‘We need support for yesterday, not today’ if there’s a ‘chance to win this war’

  • Second seated juror in Trump hush money trial has been dismissed

  • Pelosi: ‘Every day is a matter of life and death in Ukraine, of success or failure’

  • Jordanian Minister: Escalation in Middle East ‘will help no one’

  • US Amb. to the UN: US has been ‘very clear in our concerns that this war not escalate’ in Mideast

  • Melissa Murray: Trials are ‘about storytelling,’ ‘who your audience is is critically important’

  • Rep. Himes: ‘Ukrainians are dead’ because of ‘Republican political infighting’

  • 'No doubt' Trump's legal woes played to campaign's advantage during primary season: Marc Short

  • 'Put up or shut up time' for Judge Merchan: Prosecutors argue Trump violated gag order

  • ‘Any other defendant’ would’ve been ‘already put in jail’

  • Was the Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate worth it?

  • U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan: The world ‘has failed to respond,’ one year into Sudan civil war

  • Father of Hamas hostage: Israel can’t rest on ‘fantasy’ that military action will ‘get my son home’

  • Gerstell: ‘You couldn’t possibly pick a worse time to blind ourselves’ by failing to pass FISA

  • 'Man on a Mission': Howard Buffett urges U.S. farmers to support Ukraine as aid stalls in Congress

  • Sen. Van Hollen: ‘We should not’ provide ‘blank checks’ to Israel until they meet U.S. requirements


Rep. Nancy Mace: House GOP abortion bills ‘not the way to start off the week’


As House Republicans gear up to vote on multiple bills that would limit access to abortion, Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) joins Andrea Mitchell to share her concerns about her party’s approach to the controversial issue. “This is an issue that I want to see us take seriously and if we're going to be serious about balancing the rights of women and protecting the right to life, I don't think the two are mutually exclusive, this is probably not the way to start off the week,” says Mace. “We should be looking at measures, for example, making sure every woman has access to birth control. If you really want to get serious about this issue and reduce unwanted pregnancies, well I’ve got entire counties in South Carolina that don’t have a single OBGYN doctor. Those are the issues that we really need to be talking about.”