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  • Zelenskyy was ‘brilliant’ at ‘trying to shock the conscience of the world’ at UN Security Council

  • ‘Tension’ between nature of criminal, political investigations on display at Garland’s House hearing

  • John Kirby: Military communication with U.S. and China is ‘the line that we want to get back open’

  • Biden can ‘be president of the world’ at UNGA amid absences ‘if he handles the moment appropriately’

  • Lewis Pugh: Rivers are ‘arteries of our planet,’ we need ‘healthy rivers’ for a ‘healthy planet’

  • Fmr. Rep. Upton: McCarthy ‘will take the blame’ if the Senate passes a budget while House GOP stalls

  • ‘We’ve got to get some aligned incentives’ on transition to EVs during UAW negotiations

  • Local UAW 862 head: ‘A lot of our workers are nervous, anxious, trying to be prepared’ for a strike

  • Iranian president reacts to prisoner exchange with U.S.

  • Sen. Gary Peters: ‘A lot is at stake’ for ‘middle class workers’ across the U.S. with the UAW strike

  • Elizabeth Whelan: ‘Longer an American is held’ by an adversary, ‘the harder it is to get them home’

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    NBC Exclusive: Trump tells Welker will ‘make a play’ for UAW votes despite disdain from leadership


    Rep. Debbie Dingell: UAW potential strike is ‘crossroads for the industry and its future’

  • Rep. Jim Himes confident prisoner swap funds ‘will be used for humanitarian purposes only’ by Iran

  • Stuart Stevens: ‘Romney is this x-ray that shows that the Republican Party has no soul or spine’

  • Fred Upton: ‘It is a mess in the House, that is for sure.’

  • Judge allows Chesebro and Powell to sever from Trump in Georgia case

  • Isaacson: Musk thinks a ‘regulatory agency’ of ‘experts’ is necessary to ‘regulate AI in the future’

  • Biden’s age and low poll numbers puts ‘the basic goal’ of ‘stopping Donald Trump’ ‘at risk’ in 2024

  • Jack Johnson using music to fundraise is ‘the best way’ he and his ‘friends know how to support’


NBC Exclusive: Trump tells Welker will ‘make a play’ for UAW votes despite disdain from leadership


In an exclusive interview for Meet The Press, former President Donald Trump told Kristen Welker he would not pardon himself if elected, and denied accusations by the Special Counsel in the documents probe that he ordered security footage at Mar-A-Lago to be deleted. Kristen joins Andrea Mitchell to share more details from her first interview as Meet The Press’s new moderator. “It speaks to the importance of unions in this upcoming election and of this state. Andrea, this is a state, Michigan, of course, that former President Trump won in 2016, lost in 2020. It's always quite close and he's clearly making a very strong play for it as well,” Kristen tells Andrea about Trump’s desire to win union workers. “ On his legal troubles, Kristen says, “I asked the President, when he goes to sleep at night, what do you think about these four indictments, do you worry about going to jail? He says he doesn't. He says, 'I'm wired differently.'”