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    UN humanitarian programs in Gaza are ‘on the brink of collapse’ and ‘chaos’ is spreading in Gaza

  • Rajiv Shah: ‘We need to do more as a nation’ because ‘when America leads the fight,’ change happens

  • Christie: Joe Biden’s ‘conduct will be what judges his own culpability’ and ‘not what his son does’

  • Sen. Warner: ‘Ramifications of failure’ to pass Ukraine aid package ‘will be historically negative’

  • White House budget dir.: ‘The President has asked for real border security and let's get on with it’

  • Rep. Ken Buck: Biden admin. ‘putting its heels in the ground’ on border funding, could ‘give’ more

  • Phil Rucker: Trump ‘plans to to exercise his power to the fullest from day one’ to punish ‘enemies’

  • Rep. Spanberger: Tuberville sent a ‘clear message’ that one person can disrupt military readiness

  • Rep. Himes on Speaker Johnson protecting Jan 6 rioters from DOJ: ‘Words fail me’

  • Fmr. Pence Chief of Staff: There wasn’t the ‘infrastructure’ to shield Trump from ‘crackpot lawyers’

  • Sexual abuse committed by Hamas are ‘among the most egregious acts that can occur in wartime’

  • Rep Moskowitz: ‘Democracy is failing,’ enemies will see that ‘congress is irrevocably broken’

  • College presidents testify before Congress on rise of antisemitic incidents on campuses

  • Rep. Turner: ‘The possibility of terrorist attacks now’ is ‘the highest’ it has been ‘in a decade’

  • Pinkas: ‘civilian casualty rate is going to go up’ in Gaza ‘even if’ IDF warns Palestinians to flee

  • Engel: Israel’s strategy of ‘bombing the South,’ previously a safe zone, helps Hamas, hurts Israel

  • John Brennan: Hamas attack plan ‘should have been driving Israel's intelligence collection effort’

  • Pete Williams: Sandra Day O’Connor was the ‘glue that held everybody together’ on Supreme Court

  • Rep. Lawler: George Santos ‘was unfit to serve’ and the ‘damning’ ethics report led to expulsion

  • Maya Roman recounts reuniting with cousin Yarden after her release: It was ‘a moment of total joy’


Michael Crowley: ‘In a way, Vladimir Putin kind of solved the problem’ between the U.S. and France


NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Kristen Welker, former National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, New York Times Pentagon Correspondent Helene Cooper, and New York Times Diplomatic Correspondent Michael Crowley join Andrea Mitchell to discuss the state of the United States’ relationship with France, as the White House prepares to welcome French President Emmanuel Macron for the first state dinner of the Biden presidency. “When there was that very dramatic blow-up over the submarines, because of the deal that the US struck with Australia, also involving Great Britain, which essentially cost France this enormous, multibillion dollar military contract, infuriated the French,” Crowley explains, “that was really worrisome, particularly because Biden came into office determined is one of his top foreign policy priorities, to rebuild relations with Europe.” Now, the relationship is “quite strong,” says Crowley. “In a way, Vladimir Putin kind of solved the problem.”