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    Texas State Senator Gutierrez describes ‘guttural’ cries from parents at reunification center in Uvalde

  • Greg Jackson: Gun violence is the ‘number one cause of death for all youth, higher than than car accidents.’

  • Sen. Chris Murphy ‘sober-minded’ about getting bipartisan gun safety legislation passed

  • Nicole Hockley: Uvalde school shooting ‘reopening wounds that have never healed.’ 'It's traumatic all over again.’

  • Fred Guttenberg: Next mass shooting ‘being planned right now’ because ‘we haven’t changed what we’re doing’

  • David Hogg: Robb Elementary School students ‘don’t even have the vocabulary to describe what has happened to them.’

  • Mnuchin made ’18’ official visits to Middle East before asking some of those countries for ‘private investments’

  • Rep. Mo Brooks denies being subpoenaed by Jan 6 Committee: ‘They haven’t served me anything.’

  • Plot by ISIS operative to assassinate former Pres. Bush foiled by law enforcement

  • Mo Brooks digs in deep on Big Lie in combative MSNBC interview

  • Richard Engel: U.S. ‘trying to assure Russia’ that added protection for U.S. embassy in Kyiv would not mean ‘boots on the ground’

  • Ivo Daalder: ‘There are limits to what China can do’ without facing ‘consequences’ from U.S.

  • Cedric Richmond: NY congressional map ‘drafted by an unelected special master’ is ‘undemocratic’

  • Cecile Richards: Oklahoma abortion ban ‘cruel and inhumane’

  • Sen. Coons: NATO aid & training has helped facilitate Ukraine’s success ‘pushing back’ Russia

  • Sen. Warner: Republican opposition to Ukraine aid ‘not good’ for keeping ‘alliance of democracies’ together

  • Andrea Mitchell salutes Pete Williams' 'incomparable' career in journalism ahead of landmark SCOTUS decisions and his retirement at the end of the term

  • Victor Cha: North Korea is ‘almost if not complete in terms of their preparation’ for a nuclear test

  • Cedric Richmond: ‘I am convinced that Fetterman and the Biden agenda will prevail in November’

  • Amb. McFaul: Turkey is ‘just using their leverage’ by opposing Finland, Sweden NATO membership


José Andrés: World Central Kitchen team was able to ‘move to another location’ in Kharkiv after missile strike


Chef José Andrés, founder of World Central Kitchen, joins Andrea Mitchell to address the missile strike that hit one of his kitchens in Kharkiv, and to share his teams’ ongoing efforts to feed those suffering in Ukraine. “We were not hit directly. It was a very big missile that hit the building across, and because the missile was so powerful, the destruction was massive,” says Andrés. He explains that it’s more difficult to distribute food in places like Mariupol, but his teams are persistent. “Thanks to a volunteer that risked her life,” World Central Kitchen was able to deliver “a thousand meals into Mariupol, but the risk is just enormous.” Andrés adds that “even in places like Kherson that are under Russian control, we have kitchens and chefs that manage to be uniting, cooking in the bunkers and making sure that especially the elderly, pregnant woman, children are able at least to have a humble piece of bread and a humble plate of food.”