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  • Rep. Ro Khanna says he’s a ‘no’ on debt limit deal but has ‘full confidence’ it will pass the House

  • David Jolly: ‘Ron DeSantis has yet to demonstrate he can take a voter from Donald Trump’

  • Rep Moulton: Danger in AI-powered weaponry is ‘what comes from our adversaries’

  • House Oversight chair prepares to hold Wray in contempt over document in Biden probe

  • Rep. Moore: Debt limit deal ‘could have been worse’ but White House pulled ‘victory out of defeat’

  • Jonathan Greenblatt: ‘Education is crucial’ in combating the rise of antisemitism in America

  • Rep. Good: McCarthy showed ‘terrible failure of leadership’ by not using ‘every tool’ for debt deal

  • Rep. Barbara Lee sees ‘a lot of problems’ with debt deal, looking for ‘who wins and who loses’

  • Rep. Josh Harder: ‘At some point, we are going to default if we continue in this pattern’

  • Rep. Debbie Dingell: Debt deal contains ‘things I would never vote for under normal circumstances’

  • Rattner ‘cautiously optimistic’ on debt ceiling deal; ‘a better package than I would have predicted’

  • Lt. Gen. Twitty: Stalled approval of military appointments hurting families, military ‘readiness’

  • State Dept. Spokesman Miller: Russia denies third request for consular access to Evan Gershkovich

  • Brennan: Kremlin drone strike likely by ‘forces aligned with,’ but not flown from, ‘Ukraine proper’

  • Rep. Maxwell Frost calls on Biden to give a ‘primetime address’ on the state of debt ceiling talks

  • Brandon Wolf: Target and other ally companies should ‘stand firm’ in wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation

  • Doug Holtz-Eakin: ‘Urgent’ to reach a debt ceiling deal and ‘avoid any even whisper of a default’

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    Jason Furman: McCarthy pretending spending cuts are about debt. 'This is about the Speaker's agenda'


    Rep. Steny Hoyer on debt limit negotiations between Biden and GOP: ‘Let’s stop this phony crisis’

  • USAID Administrator and Ukraine's Digital Minister team up for wartime app ‘Diia’


Jason Furman: McCarthy pretending spending cuts are about debt. 'This is about the Speaker's agenda'


Former Obama Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Jason Furman and Brendan Buck, former senior adviser to Speakers Boehner and Ryan, join Andrea Mitchell to weigh in on the debt limit negotiations between the White House and congressional Republicans eight days before the “X-date” for default projected by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. “The idea that they have painless, magical ways to get around this that I hear about, frankly, from both sides, is just wrong,” Furman says. Regarding the proposed Republican spending cuts, he adds, “Let's not pretend this is about the debt when you're raising defense spending, when he started out saying he wanted to reduce tax enforcement. Things like work requirements have little budgetary impact. This is about the Speaker's agenda, and he should be clear about that and not pretend this is really about the debt.”