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    Sen. Warner: Republican opposition to Ukraine aid ‘not good’ for keeping ‘alliance of democracies’ together

  • Andrea Mitchell salutes Pete Williams' 'incomparable' career in journalism ahead of landmark SCOTUS decisions and his retirement at the end of the term

  • Victor Cha: North Korea is ‘almost if not complete in terms of their preparation’ for a nuclear test

  • Cedric Richmond: ‘I am convinced that Fetterman and the Biden agenda will prevail in November’

  • Amb. McFaul: Turkey is ‘just using their leverage’ by opposing Finland, Sweden NATO membership

  • Zelenskyy Chief of Staff Yermak describes ‘practically non-stop,’ ‘hard battles’ in eastern Ukraine

  • Rep. Susan Wild: PA voters seem to agree that abortion ‘is not a place for the government to meddle’

  • Rep. Madeleine Dean: Support for 'Islamophobic, homophobic’ Kathy Barnette is 'troubling'

  • Malcolm Kenyatta campaigns on representing Pennsylvania’s ‘working class’ in bid for U.S. Senate

  • Primary elections in ‘presidential battleground’ Pennsylvania may determine ‘control of the U.S. Senate’

  • Crystal Peoples-Stokes: Buffalo community ‘hurt’ after mass shooting, ‘not just for the loss,’ but ‘for the fact that racism is real.’

  • Donell Harvin: Online hate groups will ‘continue to crank out violent extremists’ as long as ‘there's no content moderation.’

  • Buffalo Police Dept. Commissioner: Buffalo mass shooting suspect ‘had hate in his heart, mind, and soul’

  • Gen. David Petraeus: Russian ‘preemptive strike’ not likely ‘before Finland is formally within NATO’

  • Amb. Oksana Markarova: ‘Every day of delay’ of U.S. aid ‘is lives of Ukrainians that we are leaving.’

  • Dr. Fauci: We can’t develop ‘better’ Covid protections ‘if we don’t get more resources’

  • Former Defense Secy. Esper describes Trump outrages and defends not speaking out while still in office

  • Eric Holder suggests Jan. 6 Cmte. request ‘expedited review’ from courts to subpoena fellow House members

  • Eric Holder: Roe v. Wade draft could signal SCOTUS moves on privacy rights and beyond

  • Mark Murray: Republican primary results in Nebraska, West Virginia show how Trump ‘has changed this party’


Ivo Daalder: If Russia uses nuclear or chemical weapons, U.S. ‘willingness to engage will change as a result’


Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder and former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul join Andrea Mitchell to assess the Russian nuclear threat as Russia continues to suffer losses on the Ukrainian battlefield. McFaul says there is a “very, very low likelihood” of Russia wielding nuclear weapons against the U.S. and NATO, but he shares concern about use of “the tactical nuclear weapon” in Ukraine because “we have not made clear that we will respond in a commensurate way.” Daalder adds that “if a nuclear weapon gets used, if large scale use of chemical weapons is forthcoming, they need to know that the war changes, that our calculations will change, that our willingness to engage will change as a result of that.”