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    Rep. Gottheimer: ‘The ridiculous game the far right has been playing’ with budget deal ‘is absurd’

  • Rep. Turner: ‘Congress would absolutely support’ a Saudi-Israel deal, ‘an incredible accomplishment’

  • Rep. Dingell: ‘I don’t believe’ Biden or the media ‘belongs at the negotiating table’ in UAW talks

  • Rep. Ken Buck: ‘No doubt in my mind’ that a separate Ukraine funding bill will pass the in House

  • Sen. Coons: there must be ‘active engagement’ to ensure Saudi deal is agreeable to Israelis

  • Melinda French Gates: investing in health systems in impoverished places will bring ‘less conflict’

  • General Milley tried to ‘calm the waters’ during Trump admin. ‘The President is a nuclear monarch.’

  • Zelenskyy was ‘brilliant’ at ‘trying to shock the conscience of the world’ at UN Security Council

  • ‘Tension’ between nature of criminal, political investigations on display at Garland’s House hearing

  • John Kirby: Military communication with U.S. and China is ‘the line that we want to get back open’

  • Biden can ‘be president of the world’ at UNGA amid absences ‘if he handles the moment appropriately’

  • Lewis Pugh: Rivers are ‘arteries of our planet,’ we need ‘healthy rivers’ for a ‘healthy planet’

  • Fmr. Rep. Upton: McCarthy ‘will take the blame’ if the Senate passes a budget while House GOP stalls

  • ‘We’ve got to get some aligned incentives’ on transition to EVs during UAW negotiations

  • Local UAW 862 head: ‘A lot of our workers are nervous, anxious, trying to be prepared’ for a strike

  • Iranian president reacts to prisoner exchange with U.S.

  • Sen. Gary Peters: ‘A lot is at stake’ for ‘middle class workers’ across the U.S. with the UAW strike

  • Elizabeth Whelan: ‘Longer an American is held’ by an adversary, ‘the harder it is to get them home’

  • NBC Exclusive: Trump tells Welker will ‘make a play’ for UAW votes despite disdain from leadership

  • Rep. Debbie Dingell: UAW potential strike is ‘crossroads for the industry and its future’


Gov. Wes Moore responds to Tim Scott comments on systematic racism: ‘His thesis is not true’


Efforts to ban books at American libraries and schools have skyrocketed. Maryland Governor Wes Moore (D), who joined nine Democratic governors in a letter calling on book publishers not to censor books, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss. “Our history is our strength. You've got to be able to understand where we’re coming from to get an understanding of where we are going.” Commenting on Senator Tim Scott’s comments on The View about why he thinks America is not systematically racist, Moore said, “While I understand his point, his thesis is not true.” He added, “If we're not willing to acknowledge our past, we're not gonna be able to have a productive conversation about the future. There are measures of intentionality that have created the type of social systems that we exist in to this day.”