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    Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi: Sen. Dianne Feinstein ‘left us the way she lived: on her own terms’

  • Sen. Chris Murphy: Sen. Dianne Feinstein ‘singularly’ kept the ‘anti-gun violence movement’ alive

  • Fmr. Rep. Upton: ‘The only way you’re going to keep the government open’ is with a ‘bipartisan’ deal

  • Rep. Good: Republicans have the ‘opportunity’ to hold White House, Senate ‘accountable’ for spending

  • Political analysts say GOP debate was ‘an absolute crap show,’ with ‘no joy’ and ‘negative populism’

  • Rep. Goldman: Republicans are holding a ‘sham impeachment’ while ‘barreling’ toward a shutdown

  • Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife are represented by different law firms, counsel in bribery case

  • Second GOP debate ‘a big night for each of the candidates but likely not a big night for the race.’

  • The ‘businesslike’ release of Travis King is ‘not what we would normally expect of North Korea’

  • Rep. Dingell: President Biden ‘standing up for’ UAW strikers by ‘going directly’ to them in MI

  • Cuts to Ukraine will ‘absolutely’ harm war effort, shutdown is a ‘horrible blow’ for U.S. military

  • ‘I don't know what happened, but I know Senator Menendez was in that room’ for Egypt funding bill

  • ‘The point of this impeachment is not to provide evidence,’ but to ‘devalue the coin of impeachment’

  • Anita McBride: ‘There’s no position description for a first lady.’ They can ‘make it their own.’

  • ‘Roughest of all the numbers for President Biden’ show low enthusiasm among key voter demographics

  • Rep. Gottheimer: ‘The ridiculous game the far right has been playing’ with budget deal ‘is absurd’

  • Rep. Turner: ‘Congress would absolutely support’ a Saudi-Israel deal, ‘an incredible accomplishment’

  • Rep. Dingell: ‘I don’t believe’ Biden or the media ‘belongs at the negotiating table’ in UAW talks

  • Rep. Ken Buck: ‘No doubt in my mind’ that a separate Ukraine funding bill will pass the in House

  • Sen. Coons: there must be ‘active engagement’ to ensure Saudi deal is agreeable to Israelis


Gina McCarthy reacts to Supreme Court EPA ruling: ‘We have to find creative ways around it, and we will.’


White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy joins Andrea Mitchell to respond to the Supreme Court’s decision to restrict the EPA’s authority to limit climate pollution by power plants, sharing what can be still done at the federal and state level to combat the climate crisis. “What it did was tell us that the Supreme Court is more interested in special interests that are being funded by the fossil fuel industry than they are in protecting public health, and giving the agency the right and opportunity and obligation to actually keep our air clean, keep our water clean, and to address the existential challenge of our time,” says McCarthy. “We have to fight it every moment and we have to find creative ways around it, and we will.”