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    ‘There's no beach left’: Naples hit by major storm surge as Hurricane Ian bears down

  • ‘Everything’s been wiped out’: Naples hit by major storm surge as Hurricane Ian bears down

  • David Henderson: ‘The Oath Keepers have already lost this trial because they've lost jury selection’

  • Mark Murray: New poll shows ’61% of Republicans don’t believe’ Biden was legitimately elected

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  • Ali Arouzi: The 'women’s movement’ sparked by Amini death is something Iran has 'never seen before’

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  • Brennan hopes ‘sensible people, including in the Kremlin’ will stop Putin from using nuclear weapons

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  • John Kirby: ‘Irresponsible’ for Putin to be ‘talking about the potential use of nuclear weapons’

  • Ukrainian women fighters in DC asking for ‘last chance' weapons: ‘Winter is coming.’

  • Rep. Crow: Classified docs often contain 'life or death' intel. Trump can't just 'wish it away.'

  • Peter Baker: Trump has 'never been held accountable' to the extent N.Y. AG is now seeking

  • Documents filed by Trump, family members show inflation of property values, court docket says

  • How will N.Y. AG lawsuit impact Trump and Republican's campaign plans?

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  • Haass: Biden must ‘challenge’ UN to 'be more supportive of sanctions' and 'more critical of Russia'


Chef José Andrés ‘covering the holes’ left by the war and preparing for a ‘rough winter’ in Ukraine


World Central Kitchen Founder and ThinkFoodGroup owner Chef José Andrés joins Andrea Mitchell to share what he and his teams are doing to help food insecure Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion and a warning about how challenges to food access in the country will be exacerbated in the coming months. “In many parts of Ukraine, you have infrastructure that is totally destroyed, you have bridges that don't allow the normal flow of trucks to replenish the supermarket, people that are out of jobs. So what we are doing here, not only World Central Kitchen but other humanitarian organizations, is covering the holes, covering the vacuum that the war that keeps killing women, children, elderly, in civilian neighborhoods,” says Andrés. “In many places in the eastern part of Ukraine, they have no water, no electricity and we're going to be having a very, very rough winter. So we are doing everything we can to be ready.”