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    John Brennan: Hamas attack plan ‘should have been driving Israel's intelligence collection effort’

  • Pete Williams: Sandra Day O’Connor was the ‘glue that held everybody together’ on Supreme Court

  • Rep. Lawler: George Santos ‘was unfit to serve’ and the ‘damning’ ethics report led to expulsion

  • Maya Roman recounts reuniting with cousin Yarden after her release: It was ‘a moment of total joy’

  • Haass: History will remember Henry Kissinger ‘as the greatest scholar practitioner of the age’

  • Sen. Bennet: ‘For the sake of democracy’ U.S. congress ‘cannot fail when it comes to Ukraine’

  • Fmr. Amb. Mark Regev: Truce extension ‘up in the air,’ Israel awaits release of ‘another 8 hostages’

  • Sen. Durbin: Gaza hospitals should be ‘protected’ from the conflict and run by a neutral party

  • Greenblatt: ‘Our pluralism has always been our strength,’ and we can’t let ‘extremists’ divide us

  • Marc Polymeropoulos: Regardless of who holds remaining hostages, ‘Hamas is responsible for this’

  • Engel: American children in Israel ‘hid in a closet’ ‘in panic for 14 hours’ during Hamas attack

  • Sen. Warner: Israel must ‘release some of the funds’ for Palestinian Authority to avoid ‘chaos’

  • Uncle of Palestinian shot in VT: ‘I feel a sense of shame’ believing U.S. ‘would be safer for him’

  • Martin Fletcher: Hostage families are ‘bouncing back and forth between joy and sorrow’

  • ICRC spox: Red Cross is in ‘direct contact’ with ‘anyone who we think might be holding hostages’

  • Regev: Once ‘original’ hostage deal concludes, Israel might ‘talk more publicly about’ extending

  • Uncle of Burlington victim says Palestinian student fled violence in the West Bank

  • ICRC media chief: release brings ‘relief for those hostages, relief for their families’

  • Regev: 'ball is in Hamas’s court,' 'humanitarian pause' can 'extend' with 'the release of hostages'

  • Mark Regev: Hamas ‘has committed itself’ to hostage deal, violating it would be ‘a major problem’


Asa Hutchinson considering 2024 bid: We need 'multiple voices,’ and ‘my voice is a part of that’


Following former President Trump’s announcement of a 2024 White House bid, other Republicans like are ramping up fundraising ahead of a political run. Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss and share where he stands on entering the ring for a 2024 run. “I think we need to have multiple voices, powerful voices, and my voice is a part of that,” says Hutchinson. “And yes, absolutely over this season, I'll continue to plan and to look at the what my role will be next year, and I expect, because everything has accelerated, that you'll start seeing announcements in January and February of next year.” He adds, “My record of lowering taxes, common sense conservatism in Arkansas — I think that's where the Republican Party is. We just don't need to have all the drama that we've had in the past.”