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Rep. on immigration: "I think the president is going to act"

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez firmly believes the President will act "broadly and generously" on immigration.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) appeared on Tuesday's "All In" to talk about immigration reform and did not mince words. "I believe the president is going to act," he said.

"I met with the president two weeks ago," said Gutierrez. "There is absolutely no doubt that the president of the United States has a responsibility to act to help those affected by the broken immigration system, and I have no doubt that he is going to act in a meaningful, broad, wide, generous manner."

The congressman then hedged a little when discussing his communication with the president. "Look I don't want to say that the president said this, but here's my understanding from having met with him and talking to others," he clarified. "I believe millions upon millions of undocumented workers who have roots in the community, who have American citizen children, who have established businesses, who would benefit from the senate bill — I think the president is going to act."

Gutierrez went on to reiterate his assertion: "I gotta tell you, I believe that the president of the United States is going to act broadly and generously."

Speaker Boehner shut down Senator Harry Reid's suggestion that the emergency supplemental funds bill, which is slated for a vote this Thursday, could be an opportunity to negotiate a broader comprehensive immigration reform. "The House of Representatives will not take up the Senate immigration reform bill or accept it back from the Senate in any fashion," Boehner stated. "Nor will we accept any attempt to add any other comprehensive immigration reform bill or anything like it, including the DREAM Act, to the House's targeted legislation."