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Mayor Bill de Blasio on All In

All In Agenda for Wednesday, February 19

1. On Wednesday, as many as 27,000 emails were released from a former staffer to Wisconsin's Governor, Scott Walker. The emails are part of a criminal investigation into the Governor. Could the emails hurt Walker's chance of winning the Republican nomination in 2016? Joining Chris Hayes to discuss are Editor-in-Chief of The Progressive, Ruth Conniff, and BuzzFeed Senior Writer, McKay Coppins. 

2. As many as 16.5 million workers would get a raise with the President's proposed minimum wage increase, according to a new CBO report. Co-Director at the Center for Economic & Policy Research, Dean Baker joins Chris Hayes to discuss the report's findings.

3. The Christie administration's attorney put in a request to Fort Lee for documents involving last September's lane closures. What does the attorney hope to find? Director of the Working Families Party, Dan Cantor, talks to Chris Hayes about the significance of the request.

4. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Chris Hayes in studio to discuss his changes to the controversial stop-and-frisk program and his hopes for universal pre-k.