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'All In with Chris Hayes' wins Emmy® award

"All In with Chris Hayes" was the only cable news program to win an Emmy® award in 2015.

"All In with Chris Hayes" won an Emmy® at the 36th Annual News and Documentary Emmy® Awards, presented on Monday, September 28th.

The winning program in the category of Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis was a special episode, "Fifty Year War: The Changing Face of Poverty in America," co-hosted by NBC News Special Anchor Maria Shriver.

"All In with Chris Hayes" was the only cable news program to receive an Emmy® award this year.

Clips from the Emmy®-winning show can be viewed at


Executive Producer: Denis Horgan

Senior Producers: Marisa Buchanan, Rebekah Dryden, Kim Harvey, Brendan O’Melia

Producers: Sheara Braun, Gregg Cockrell, Todd Cole, Carey Fox, Allison Koch, Joelle Martinez, Brendan McDonald, Tara Meltzer, Brian Montopoli, Diane Shamis

Digital Producers: Erin Delmore, Collier Meyerson

Video Producers: Rachel Simon, Sam Ulan

Director: Christian Alicea

Special Anchor, NBC News: Maria Shriver

Host: Christopher Hayes