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All In America: Coal Country

'All In' travels around the coal country listening to hear from the people: miners struggling to make ends meet.
All In America: Coal Country 8:00 pm ET
All In America: Coal Country 8:00 pm ET

All In America heads to Coal Country. From Kentucky to Mississippi to North Dakota to West Virginia to North Carolina, Chris Hayes and his team talk to everyone from miners to politicians to the biggest energy company in the country. We’ll look at the role of coal in the upcoming midterm election, and why so many coal jobs have gone away.  We’ll examine the health impact of everything from mountain top mining to coal ash storage, and ask whether Big Coal is the new Big Tobacco. We’ll visit a clean coal factory and ask whether such a thing as clean coal can exist. We’ll visit wind turbine factories and solar farms to see what the future of American energy might be.

Don’t miss it! All In America: Coal Country starts on 8pm ET, October 6th, on MSNBC. Tune in live, set your DVRs and join the conversation at #allinamerica #coalcountry

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store:

Monday October 6th: The Politics of Coal: In Kentucky, both Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes are running on a pro-coal platform. But jobs in the coal industry have been declining in Kentucky for decades, and they aren’t coming back, no matter the rhetoric. Chris Hayes travels to Eastern Kentucky, talking with everyone from former miners to reporters to local employment advocates about the reality of life in the heart of coal country. Learn more

Tuesday October 7th: Coal and Tobacco: It’s a powerful and profitable industry that fights regulation and is linked to health problems. Sound familiar? All In travels from the mountain top mining operations in West Virginia to the coal ash river clean-up in North Carolina, and talks to everyone from politicians to activists to Duke Energy, as Chris Hayes examines the similarities between big tobacco and big coal. Learn more

Wednesday October 8th: What is Clean Coal?: Clean Coal has been lauded by everyone from President Bush to President Obama. But how exactly do you make the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world “clean”? All In travels to a $5.5 billion dollar clean coal plant - the Kemper County Energy Facility in Eastern Mississippi – to find out. Learn more

Thursday October 9th: The Future is Here:  With wind projected to supply nearly 5 percent of all power in the US next year, and solar on track to be the number one source of electricity in the world by 2050, All In investigates the future of American Energy – visiting solar plants and following a wind turbine from factory to farm in the Dakotas. Learn more

All In: Coal Country

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