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All In Agenda: Why was Cantor ousted?

All In Agenda for Wednesday, June 11

1. One day after losing his seat in the Republican primary, Rep. Eric Cantor announced that he will step down as House Majority Leader at the end of July. Senior Editor at the New Republic, Jason Zengerle, and National Political Reporter at the Washington Post , Robert Costa join Chris Hayes to remember the Congressman's record. 

2. Eric Cantor's position on immigration is being tossed around as an issue that contributed to his downfall. Polling from Rep. Cantor's district shows 72% support for the broad principles behind a bipartisan immigration reform bill. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss: anchor at Telemundo, Jose Diaz-Balart.

3. College graduates are saddled with astronomical student debt. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss her initiative to lessen the burden for college graduates is Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

4. How in the world didn't anyone see Cantor's demise coming? Communications Director at Emily's List, Jess McIntosh, MSNBC Contributor, Sam Seder, and Senior Writer at BuzzFeed, McKay Coppins join All In.