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All In Agenda: Why is Kansas so broke?

All In Agenda for Wednesday, July 9

1. President Obama and Governor Rick Perry met in Texas on Wednesday to discuss the humanitarian crisis at the border. Governor Perry has openly criticized the President for his approach.  But, under President Obama there are more border patrol agents than ever.

2. Last month the Supreme Court ruled that for-profit companies can exempt themselves from the Obamacare birth control mandate based on religious beliefs. But does it stop there?  Can companies claim religious exemption in other circumstances?

3. Beginning this fall, Chicago public school students will all eat for free. Historically, only low-income students were eligible to receive free lunch. Chris Hayes asks the question: Will this policy erase the stigma attached to being "a free lunch kid"?

4.  Kansas is broke. Really broke. Chris Hayes breaks down the surprisingly simple reason the state is short on revenue.