All In Agenda: Who owns West Virginia's water?

1.  Former Port Authority employee David Wildstein will talk if given immunity, according to his lawyer. But will he be given immunity? Joining Chris Hayes to discuss are host of Up at msnbc, Steve Kornacki, and Fort Lee, New Jersey, Assemblywoman Valerie Vanieri Huttle.

2. Today the president called on Congress to overhaul key parts of the NSA. Sitting at the table with Chris Hayes to explain is Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, Anthony Romeo.

3. So, who owns West Virginia's water? Not West Virginia? Chris Hayes is joined by radio broadcaster Bob Kincaid.

4. This was supposed to be the year for "black film" at the Oscars. So why were the majority of black films snubbed? Joining the table at All In are New York Times film critic A.O. Scott, film critic at New York magazine David Edelstein, and Slate blogger Aisha Harris.