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All In Agenda: Welcome to Citizens United 2.0

All In Agenda for Tuesday, November 26th.

1. Should corporations have the power to prevent female employees from getting affordable birth control? On Tuesday the Supreme Court announced their plan to hear a case regarding that question. MSNBC's Irin Carmon reports: "...the court said it would take up a case brought by the Oklahoma City-based craft store chain Hobby Lobby, in which the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals said contraceptive coverage was a violation of religious liberty, regardless of the fact that Hobby Lobby is a corporation and not an individual." Joining Chris Hayes to discuss the significance of what he's calling "Citizens United 2.0" are NBC News Justice Correspondent, Pete Williams, Social Justice Attorney Sandra Fluke, Senior Political Columnist at the Washington Examiner, Tim Carney

2.  Following her journalistic fail, CBS News announces that Lara Logan of 60 Minutes will take a leave of absence from the show. Senior Fellow at Media Matters Eric Boehlert joins Chris Hayes to discuss the announcement.

3.  According to Naples News, Rep. Trey Radel is complaining about being bullied inside rehab. The Florida Rep. recently charged with cocaine possession after being caught by Feds in a sting operation is getting bullied outside of rehab as well. Members of Radel's party are calling for him to step down. Chris Hayes will tell you why Radel should just stay put.

4. Chris Hayes will sit down with Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz for a one-on-one on the state of neo-conservatism. And later, Ploughshares Fund President Joe Cirincione joins the conversation.