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All In Agenda: Was Flight 370 diverted?

1. Tune in to All In with Chris Hayestonight for the latest on Malaysia Air Flight 370, after the Malaysian prime minister said Saturday that the missing jet was deliberately taken off-course by someone aboard the aircraft. We'll talk with NBC's Kerry Sanders, Daily Beast contributor and Conde Nast Traveler senior consulting editor Clive Irving, and former FBI Agent and MSNBC national security analyst Don Borelli. 

2. Next up: We're covering the NRA's effort to derail President Obama's surgeon general nominee over his work to curb high-capacity magazines and assault rifles in the name of public health. Dr. Jocelyn Elders weighs in. 

3. Then: An update on tense U.S.-Russia relations after Obama today signed an executive order authorizing expanded sanctions against "any individual or entity that operates in the Russian arms industry, and any designated individual or entity that acts on behalf of, or that provides material or other support to, any senior Russian government official," targeted at those responsible for unrest in Crimea. Sen. Chris Murphy of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee joins us. 

4. Plus, don't miss our All In round table discussion on what it would take to fly a Boeing 777 into the night and land it without navigation. We'll discuss with three commercial pilots: Captain Karen Pellicore, Captain Ross Aimer, and Latane Campbell.