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All In Agenda: Uh-oh Chris Christie

All In Agenda for December 16th

1. The George Washington Bridge is one of the busiest bridges in the world. So when some lanes closed without any warning back in September, the people of Fort Lee, New Jersey, were understandably upset. Chris Hayes will discuss how the "bridge-gate" scandal has Chris Christie on the defensive.  Joining All In is WNYC reporter Matt Katz.

2.  Iowa Secretary of State led an investigation into the incidence of voter fraud in the state. According to the Des Moines Register: "the [18-month] effort has yielded criminal charges in 16 cases, of which five have resulted in guilty pleas and give have been dismissed. None of the cases has, as yet, gone to trial." All of this has cost the state about $150,000. The Brennan Center's Myrna Perez and President of North Carolina's NAACP Reverand Dr. William Barber join Chris Hayes.

3. The "Fear of a Black Santa" saga continues. A New Mexico teacher reprimanded an African-American student for dressing up as Santa Claus. Chris Hayes with the latest.

4.  60 Minutes ran a piece on the NSA featuring officials from the NSA. The Guardian's Spencer Ackerman writes of the segment: "The National Security Agency is telling its story like never before. Never mind whether that story is, well, true." Tonight Chris Hayes will discuss 60 Minutes' NSA story are Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen and the ACLU's Jameel Jaffer.