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All In Agenda: Tragedy in Santa Barbara

All In Agenda for May 27, 2014.

1. We're following the deadly rampage in Santa Barbara over the weekend, where six were killed by a 22-year-old whose family says he had been in therapy for years. 

2. Next up: Comedian Dean Obeidallah joins us to talk about his ultimate comeback against a Texas Tea Party candidate. 

3. The V.F.W. is pushing back hard against Sen. Richard Burr's comments advocating for the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki. The Veterans's group called comments by Burr, the top Republican on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, “an absolutely disgusting ambush style of politics” and a “monumental cheap shot.”

4. President Obama detailed a two-year plan to draw down the war in Afghanistan, including keeping nearly 10,000 American troops in the country after the formal end of the war later this year, and cutting that number in half by the end of 2015. 

5. Plus, the "war on science" continues, after the House passed an amendment instructing the Pentagon to ignore assessing the impact of climate change.