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All In Agenda: The unbearable whiteness of television

All In Agenda for Friday, December 13

1. How often has the GOP made a concerted public effort to understand the plight of poor and working-class America? The modern day Republican Party is at ideological odds with the interests of most Americans. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss are Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, and President of the North Carolina NAACP Rev. Dr. William Barber.

2. Thanks to theSen. Majority Leader Harry Reid enforcing the nuclear option, President Obama's appointments went right on through. Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy Joins Chris Hayes to discuss the tactic's success.

3. Senator Chris Murphy joins Chris Hayes on his way back to Newtown, Connecticut, where he will talk to his old district about Congress' failure to pass any meaningful gun legislation this year.

4. Most television shows are not diverse. But according to Salon "more diverse shows bring higher audiences while less diverse ones struggle."  So why is television still so white? It's called the unbearable whiteness of television. And joining Chris Hayes to discuss are Columbia University Professor John Mcwhorter, Vice President of DEMOS Heather McGhee and CBS Sunday Morning Contributor Nancy Giles.