All In Agenda: The real 'House of Cards'

1. Following the release of an investigation into "Bridgegate" commissioned by his office, Gov. Chris Christie held a press conference. Reporter at The Bergen Record, Melissa Hayes joins All In to discuss.  

2. It's becoming increasingly clear that Sen. Rand Paul is gearing up for 2016. Paul has become the first presidential hopeful with an operation in all 50 states. Where are the other front-runners? Slate Political Reporter, Dave Weigel joins Alex Wagner.

3. One lawmaker uses "House of Cards" tactic on "House of Cards" production team. Meta. Maryland Delegate Bill Frick joins Alex Wagner to explain.

4. Why the backlash against the forthcoming Darren Aronofsky film, "Noah"? Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Anthea Butler, and New York Magazine's David Edelstein.