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All In Agenda: Are you on team Phil?

All In Agenda for Thursday, December 19th.

1. Tonight Chris Hayes asks: is the GOP just blustering all the time? Joining him to answer are Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Washington Correspondent at the Nation, John Nichols.

2. After serving over 20 years in prison for a non-violent drug offense, Clarence Aaron is free. After a long fought legal battle, President Obama commuted Aaron's sentence on Thursday. Chris Hayes is joined by Managing Editor of MSNBC, Dafna Linzer.

3. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has been suspended by A&E for making racist and homophobic comments in an interview with GQ. Are you on team Phil or team suspend Phil? Chris Hayes talks it out with Executive Editor at the Nation, Richard Kim

4. According to NBC News, "as many as 40 million Target customers had thei credit and debit card information ripped off by thieves over 19 days this holiday shopping season." Chris Hayes will discuss the underground credit card market with Former Presidential Innovation Fellow, Clay Johnson and others.