All In Agenda: Prohibition, over

1. On Thursday all 52 passengers aboard a research ship stuck in Antarctic ice were rescued. The rescue effort is being praised as an international success. So why then did Breitbart and Drudge Report use the opportunity to poke fun at those of us concerned with climate change? Joining Chris Hayes to discuss are professor of meteorolgy at Pennsylvania State University, Michael Mann, host of podcast, "Majority Report," Sam Seder, and senior fellow at Media Matters, Eric Bohelert.

2. Obamacare has arrived. And it's doing well. White House Advisor for Health Policy and Reform Philip Schiliro joins Chris Hayes.

3. What really happened in Benghazi? 

4.  Pot legal in Colorado. Prohibition over. But what does it mean for the Drug War? Joining Chris Hayes to discuss the significance are Chief Legal Counsel at the Colorado Governor's Office, Jack Finlaw, and Ethan Nadelmann from the Drug Policy Alliance.