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All In Agenda: Obamacare bailout? No.

All In Agenda for Tuesday, February 4.

1. Why did the Christie administration end its relationship with the company hired to help Sandy victims return to their homes? New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone, and Reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Heather Haddon join Chris Hayes to explain. 

2. The word 'bailout' as New York's Jonathan Chait insists, "may be the single most unpopular policy concept in American politics." That is precisely why Marco Rubio drummed up a new crisis to combat: The Obamacare Bailout. Politics Editor at Business Insider, Josh Barro, joins Chris Hayes to discuss the GOP's latest rallying cry. 

3. Why are 85,000 Arkansas residents in danger of losing their health insurance? Georgia State Senator, Jason Carter joins Chris Hayes to discuss.

4.  Who didn't need student loans? Bill O'Reilly didn't need student loans. Why? Cause he painted houses. Somehow we don't think that covers tuition anymore. At the table to discuss is MSNBC's Alex Wagner.