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All In Agenda: No end in sight to the Obamacare fight

Indiana is challenging the ACA, suing over the mandate that requires employers to provide health insurance to employees who work over 30 hours a week.

Wednesday night on All In with Chris Hayes: Even after 46 pointless House votes, a two-and-a-half week government shutdown and sinking approval ratings, Republicans are still determined to get rid of Obamacare. In Ohio, six GOP lawmakers have filed suit against Governor John Kasich's plan to expand Medicaid, which would bring $2.5 billion in federal funds into the state. The state of Indiana is also challenging the ACA, suing over the law's mandate that employers provide health insurance to employees who work over 30 hours a week. Gov. Steve Beshear, Democrat from Kentucky, and Ohio State Rep. Matt Lynch, a Republican, will join Chris Hayes to talk about the neverending battle.

Ben Domenech, Publisher of The Federalist and Senior Fellow at the Heartland Institute, and Joy Reid, MSNBC Contributor and Managing Editor of The Grio, will also join the table to talk about the post-shutdown political prospects of the Tea Party's Three Musketeers: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

Later, Chris Hayes will be joined by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Professor at Harvard University, to discuss his new PBS series, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross.

Plus: Joan Walsh, MSNBC Political Analyst and Editor at Large for, and Ezra Klein, MSNBC Contributor and Columnist for The Washington Post, will join Hayes to debate whether liberals are shooting themselves in the foot by criticizing the Obamacare exchanges rollout.