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All In Agenda: Mitch McConnell's Obamacare problem

All In Agenda for Wednesday, May 28

1. How does Sen. Mitch McConnell run for reelection as an anti-Obamacare candidate when Obamacare is working in his state? How does that work? Chris Hayes is joined by Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth and Communications Director of Emily's List, Jess McIntosh.

2. According to the Progressive, Wisconsin District Court Judge Rudolph Randa, who stopped a criminal probe into election spending during Wisconsin's recall elections, regularly attends junkets paid for by the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss is New York Times Political Reporter, Nicholas Confessore.

3. Writer and poet, Maya Angelou passed away on Wednesday at the age of 86. Angelou was elevated to celebrity status for her autobiography, 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.' But tonight Chris Hayes and MSNBC Contributor, Michael Eric Dyson discuss the Maya Angelou we don't hear about.

4. With the erection of its Abu Dhabi campus, New York University has cemented itself as a "global campus university." But concerns about labor violations during its construction cast a dark cloud over the University's expansion. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss are MSNBC Contributor, Dorian Warren, and Columnist at VICE, Molly Crabapple.