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All In Agenda: Kentucky, an anomaly or an example

All In Agenda for Monday, November 25th

1. Chris Hayes will give his take on the nuclear deal. Joining All In to discuss the major win are NBC News contributor, Majd Hooman, and Ambassador Christopher Hill

2. How is the right-wing responding to the Iran nuclear agreement? C'mon, guess. Matt Duss, Middle East Policy Analyst at Center for American Progress will join Chris Hayes to discuss. 

3. The New Republic's Julie Ioffe writes in her latest piece: "...the Heritage Foundation has gone from august conservative think tank revered by Washington’s Republicans to the party’s loathed ideological commissar." Ioffe will give the full story tonight when she sits down with Chris Hayes.

4. Kentucky, an anomaly or an example for how Obamacare should be run?  MSNBC's Ezra Klein and  Rep. John Yarmuth give us .