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All In Agenda: Keep it together, Dems

All In Agenda for Friday, November 15, 2013

1. Congressional Democrats are yet again bailing on Obamacare. Earlier today, nearly 40 Democrats voted for the "Keep Your Plan Act," a Republican bill intended to undercut the White House and the Affordable Care Act. In his opening monologue, Chris Hayes urges the Democrats to hold firm, because there's no way out of the health care debacle except for through it. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean joins.

2. The health insurance industry isn't exactly making Obamacare implementation a smooth ride, either. In fact, many companies are trying to profit off of the confusion created by implementation, using it to sell "junk insurance" to people in need. Former industry executive Wendell Potter discusses.

3. Maybe Socialism isn't such a dirty word anymore, at least in Seattle. There, Kshama Sawant a candidate for city council on the Socialist Alternative party line, seems poised for victory. She joins Chris Hayes on the show to talk about her campaign.

4. Cobb County, Georgia, is getting ready to spend about $300 million on a new stadium for the Atlanta Braves, despite its school system having an $86.4 million budget deficit. How does the professional sports industry get cities to spend so money just subsidizing private industry? MSNBC contributor Goldie TaylorThe Nation sports editor Dave Zirin, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's David O'Brien discuss.