All In Agenda: Did flight MH370 fly on for hours?

1. Could missing Malaysia Airlines Fligth 370 have flown on for hours after it lost contact with the ground? We're exploring the latest reporting with former FAA Chief of Staff Michael Goldfarb

2. Next up: A look at the widening income gap, as President Obama pushes for an expansion of overtime eligibility for low-wage workers. Alexis Goldstein, a former VIce President at Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, joins us.  

3. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's likely Democratic opponent in this year's election, former state commerce secretary Mary Burke, is polling neck-in-neck with Walker. She joins us tonight. 

4. Plus: A look at America's underground, billion-dollar sex industry, thanks to a groundbreaking new report from the Urban Institute, conducted with the Department of Justice. Sienna Baskin, managing director of the Sex Workers Project, and Vednita Carter, founder and executive director of Breaking Free, join our panel.