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All In Agenda: Prereq for being the GOP Presidential nominee?

All In Agenda for Monday, May 12.

1. The GOP 2016 presidential contenders are all on the same page about one thing - denying climate change. But it wasn't always this way. Chris Hayes is joined by National Reporter for the Washington Post, Robert Costa, and Founding Editor for Climate Progress, Joe Romm.

2. Obamacare is working quite well in Kentucky. How? 2014 Democratic Congressional Candidate, 6th District, Kentucky, Elisabeth Jensen joins Chris Hayes to discuss.

3. Did the Christie administration break a state anti-corruption law? A new report out from Pando suggests they might have. Chris Hayes is joined by the report’s author, David Sirota.

4. Michael Sam is America's first openly gay football player drafted to the NFL. Will this change the NFL's culture forever? Chris Hayes is joined by Michael Sam's agent, Cameron Weiss, Host of The Gist, Mike Pesca, and Author of 'Alone in the Trenches,' Esera Tuaolo.