All In Agenda: GM recalls, a little late?

1. Due to a potentially fatal glitch, General Motors (GM) has recalled 1.6 million of its vehicles. But it's taken them a while. Could fatalities have been avoided with an earlier recall? Chris Hayes is joined by National Correspondent at the New York Times, Josh Barro, and Former President of Public Citizen, Joan Claybrook

2.  Do corporations have religious rights? The chain store Hobby Lobby thinks so. But it's up to the Supreme Court to decide. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss Tuesday's oral arguments at the Supreme Court is Senior Editor at, Dahlia Lithwick.

3. Which politician will win casino magnate, Sheldon Adelson's affection...and financial support? Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich weighs in on All In.

4. Washington, D.C.'s, football team owner, Dan Snyder refuses to change the name of his team from the controversial "Redskins." Writer, Dave McKenna, Former NFL player, Roman Oben, and Director at the Smithsonian Institutions' National Museum of the American Indian, Kevin Gover join Chris Hayes to discuss the significance of Snyder's decision.