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All In Agenda: Fait accompli for Hillary?

1. Port Authority Chairman David Samson is expected to be subpoenaed, the newest development in the 'Bridgegate' scandal. Chris Hayes talks about the news with New Jersey Assemblyman John Wizniewski, New Jersey State Senator Steve Sweeney, and New York TimesMichael Powell. 

2. Chris Hayes discusses the latest biography of Roger Ailes with its author Gabriel Sherman.

3. On Thursday, members of Congress reintroduced voting rights legislation that seeks to restore protections provided by Section 5 struck down last June. Chris Hayes explains.

4. Based on every news show and news article ever, Hillary Clinton is destined to accept the Democratic nomination in 2016. But Hillary Clinton has not outright said that she has real presidential aspirations. Fait accompli for Hillary? Chris Hayes sits down with NBC News Political Analyst, Howard Fineman, Political Strategist, Tara Dowdell, and Senior Contributing Writer to the Nation, Michelle Goldberg.