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All In Agenda: Duck Dynasty v. A&E

All In Agenda for Friday, December 20th

1. The president gave an end of the year press conference today. Did you miss it? We'll fill you in on all of the important things he said. Like how the third-quarter economic growth was the highest in almost two years. Joining Chris Hayes to talk notable takeaways are Vermont's former Governor Howard Dean, Politics Editor of Business Insider Josh Barro.

2. Moral Mondays spreads to Georgia. According to Atlanta Progressive News, "Georgia's Moral Mondays have focused on opposing Republican redistricting and other voting changes; cuts to social programs; proposed tax changes that would increase the sales tax; cuts to public education; challenges to abortions rights' and other issues." Joining Chris Hayes to discuss the movement's new battleground is Vice President at Rainbow PUSH Atlanta, Janice Mathis.

3. Are diplomatic relations between the U.S. and India strained? Indian consul Devyani Khobragade was arrested on charges of visa fraud. Khobragade's nanny claims she was promised a lot more money than she got. But was the way Khobragade arrested appropriate? Joining Chris Hayes to unpack this is U.S. Correspondent at The Hindu, Narayan Lakshman.

4. It's a game of chicken between Duck Dynasty and A&E. The show's cast is banding together in defense of Phil, who has been suspended indefinitely by the network for racist and homophobic remarks. Chris Hayes will discuss the significance with Comedian, Jordan Carlos, President, Center for Social Inclusion, Maya Wiley, Editor-in-chief at The Advocate, Matthew Breen.