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All In Agenda: David Samson, linchpin?

All In Agenda for Wednesday, January 15.

1. The linchpin holding Chris Christie's 'Bridgegate' story together is his close adviser, David Sampson. Samson maintains that he had no knowledge of the George Washington Bridge lane closures that caused the dust-up known as 'Bridgegate'. But is Samson telling the truth? Joining Chris Hayes to discuss Samson's possible involvement are Senior Political Reporter for Darryl Isherwood, Correspondent for the New York Times Kate Zernike, and Political Strategist Tara Dowdell.

2.  How bad does a scandal have to be in order for a politician to be disqualified from a race? Joining Chris Hayes to discuss scandals' past are Writer at Large for Esquire MagazineCharles Pierce, author of "How to be Black," Baratunde Thurston, and host of The Majority Report, Sam Seder. 

3. Wendy Davis has out-fundraised her Republican opponent. Is a liberal governor possible in Texas?

4. Senate Republicans filibustered the proposed extension to unemployment insurance. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss the consequences is Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

5. Chris Hayes' take on the Iran sanctions bill.