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All In Agenda: Credit checks

All In Agenda for Tuesday, December 17

1. Healthcare navigators --hired to help Americans correctly sign-up for Obamacare --are under fire in Richardson, Texas, for allegedly asking undercover applicants to lie. The GOP has since held a special hearing on the navigators. Chris Hayes is joined by MSNBC Policy Analyst Ezra Klein, and Kavita Patel, Managing Director for Clinical Transformation & Delivery at Engelbeerg Center for Health Care Reform to discuss the right-wing's newest attempt at bringing down Obamacare.

2. Bridge-gate lives to see another day. Senator Jay Rockefeller has called for an investigation into why lanes on the New Jersey side were closed unexpectedly for four days back in September. Chris Hayes will discuss the newest development with WNYC reporter Andrea Bernstein.

3. What are potential employers looking for? Good credit? Apparently. Senator Elizabeth Warren joins Chris Hayes to discuss her new proposed legislation to ban credit checks on potential employees

4.  Rush Limbaugh called Pope Francis a Marxist. Pope Francis told an Italian newspaper that he is not a Marxist. And he also said this: "In my life I have known many Marxists who are good people, so I don’t feel offended.” Professor at University of Pennsylvania Anthea Butler, Lecturer in Law at the Notre Dame Law School Father Bill Dailey, and host of Minority Report, Sam Seder join Chris Hayes.