All In Agenda: Chris Christie speaks

1. Gov. Chris Christie has officially been absolved by Gov. Chris Christie of any wrongdoing in the 'Bridgegate' scandal. Err? Yeah. Coincidentally, the Governor gave his first television interview since the scandal broke. Guest Host Ari Melber is joined by Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, Paul Butler, and Host of Up, Steve Kornacki.

2. Is Gov. Chris Christie still a viable 2016 presidential candidate? Managing Director at Purple Strategies, Margie Omero, and National Political Reporter for the Washington Post, Robert Costa join All In to discuss.

3. Did you miss last night's rigorous back-and-forth between Americans for Prosperity's Jennifer Stefano and Chris Hayes on the Obamacare deadline extension? Watch it. Stefano throws out lots of numbers and makes lots of claims. Joining All In to help fact-check those numbers and claims is National Organization for Women President, Terry O'Neill.

4. On Wednesday, Northwestern football players were granted the right to unionize. Why is this a big deal? Ari Melber is joined by ESPN College Football Analyst Robert Smith, economist Allison Schrager, and Sports Editor at The Nation, Dave Zirin explain.