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All In Agenda: Cease-fire talks

All In Agenda for July 14, 2014

1. Tonight, we've got details of a proposed cease-fire to stem the violence in the Middle East, and the effects of the conflict here at home. We'll speak with Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia and NBC News Foreign Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin in Gaza City. 

2. Next up: The deportations have begun, with 40 adults and children who had entered the United States being flown back to Honduras. Jose Diaz-Balart, host of MSNBC's new 10am ET show by the same name, joins us. 

3. Then: Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan is suing Walmart after suffering injuries when his tour van was rear-ended by a Walmart truck driver. The crash killed another comedian traveling with Morgan. According to a criminal complaint, that driver hadn't slept in more than 24 hours before the accident. Chris digs into the dangerous industry habit.

4. Plus: The New York Times' Josh Barro joins us to talk about Congress' solution to the Highway Trust Fund running out of funding at the end of the month. 

5. And  don't miss our report and discussion about how one school handled a horrifying campus sexual assault. Joining us tonight: Wagatwe Wanjuki, organizer of "Know Your Nine" and contributor to Feministing, and Olivia Nuzzi, political reporter for The Daily Beast.