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All In Agenda: 2014 for sale

All In Agenda for Thursday Feb. 6.

1. President Obama's former campaign manager, David Plouffe tweeted this: 

Can the Koch brothers buy the Republicans majority in the House and Senate in 2014? Tonight, Chris Hayes will discuss the fate of Democrats in the mid-term elections with Host of MSNBC's Disrupt, Karen Finney, and Michigan Rep. Gary Peters.

2. Are the big players in the Bridgegate scandal going to stay loyal to Governor Chris Christie? We know that Former Port Authority Official David Wildstein did not. We know that former Deputy Chief of Staff, Bridget Anne Kelly did, by taking staying silent. But what about Former Port Authority Official, Bill Beroni? Will he go rogue? Joining Chris Hayes to discuss is National Affairs Reporter at Talking Points Memo, Hunter Walker.

3. Senior Editor at the New Republic, Julia Ioffe, Contributor to Slate, Masha Gessen, and Professor of English at Dartmouth College, Jeff Sharlet join Chris Hayes to discuss the reported infrastructural problems at Sochi.