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WATCH: A conversation on the national low-wage battle

In low-wage workplaces across the country, something is happening.

In low-wage workplaces across the country, something is happening. Over the past several months, thousands of minimum-wage workers have gone on strike, demanding the right to form a union and better pay. What began at Walmart has spread to the fast food industry, to other retail stories, and—most recently—to businesses contracted by the federal government. The most recent strike occurred Thursday morning, when food service workers and other employees of Smithsonian Museums engaged in a day-long work stoppage to protest what they say are unconscionably low wages.

So what exactly is going on? How are these strikes spreading? And is there any chance the workers will get the raise they want?

Ned Resnikoff, reporter for and All in with Chris Hayes, recently sat down with Josh Eidelson of The Nation to find out.


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