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#click3 Got a favorite Cosby sweater?

1)      Looking for a great summer read?

1)      Looking for a great summer read? You might have caught The Da Vinci Code or Twilight: New Moon a few years back, but the removal of just a single letter from a number of bestselling titles could result in a whole new story.  William Faulker’s The Sound and the Fur, anyone?

2)      Comedian Bill Cosby wears the darndest sweaters. But which is best? Vote for your favorite in this tournament of fabrics and styles–and perhaps even win an autographed copy of a Bill Cosby book.

3)      President Obama has a lot on his plate what with the NSA surveillance scandal, immigration overhaul, and the ousting of former Egyptian President Morsi. But that does not mean he can't stop to dance. The Commander in Chief showed off a few moves during his recent trip to Africa; check out countless other boogying political figures.