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All In with Chris Agenda: Affirmative Action ruling affirms nothing

Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong, but where has he gone?
Supporting immigration reform (Photo/Getty Images)
Supporting immigration reform

Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong, but where has he gone? This morning, a flight packed with journalists departed Moscow for Cuba without one of its most anticipated passengers—the NSA leaker. As speculation mounts about Snowden’s whereabouts and final destination, so does the diplomatic drama between all countries involved. Glenn Greenwald, the columnist for The Guardian who broke the Edward Snowden story will join Chris Hayes to discuss the latest in the saga.

One of the most anticipated Supreme Court cases of the term was finally decided Monday—but it turned out to be a bit anticlimactic. While the Court’s ruling on affirmative action was punted back to the lower courts, a decisive ruling in a lower-profile discrimination case caught our attention. Chris will delve into what this decision might reveal about the other pending cases on equality with Damon Hewitt, Director of Education Practice for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Also—the controversy shows no sign of slowing down as a Senate vote on the immigration bill approaches Monday night. Chris will explain how a $30 million, 1,200 page amendment beefing up border patrol has become the focus of the opposition.

Plus: The George Zimmerman trial began Monday. Maya Wiley, president and founder of the Center for Social Inclusion, will join the table to talk about what we can expect from the case.