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Velshi: We must call out unions that make bad decisions like the Fraternal Order of Police 


The Fraternal Order of Police is not shy about defending law enforcement. Which is why it’s even more baffling that the typically vocal union has been uncharacteristically quiet when it comes to defending the police officers who fended off rioters on January 6th. To be fair, the Union decried the attack on the capitol from the start, calling on the insurrectionist President at the time to “forcefully urge” the “demonstrators” to “stop their unlawful activity”. But according to Metro DC Police Officer Michael Fanone, the support pretty much stopped there. Why is it that the largest police union in the nation is largely ignoring one of the most egregious attacks on law enforcement that this country has ever witnessed? It might have something to do with its loyalty to Donald Trump. It is critical that workers have a say in their work-life and have access to solid representation. But it is also critical that we call out unions that are making decisions. And this is one of those instances.