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Velshi: The Cyber Ninjas were never the threat. It’s what comes next that will keep you up at night. 


It would be so easy to joke about the “results” of the Arizona election recount. But all joking aside, what happened in Arizona was deeply corrosive to the future of democracy in America. To say that this was a “win” for Biden or a “loss” for Trump gives stock to a scam: a theft of freedom in the United States of America. Arizona was not the first - and it will not be the last - state to try and strip away voting rights from its citizens. It just so happens that Arizona was bad at it. But here’s the danger: Arizona will now be the poster child for what not to do when trying to overturn an election. The audit in Arizona was never the real threat. The Cyber Ninjas were amateur grifters who had one job they could not deliver for Republicans. But there are real, more competent forces at work attempting to dismantle our democracy by trying to decide whose votes count. And they just might succeed where Arizona failed.